Your Plan To Lose Weight in 2019

Now that 2019 is officially underway, chances are that losing weight is part of your New Year’s resolutions. Regardless of how hard you tried to fight the holiday weight gain, saying no to second servings of grandma’s favourite dishes just isn’t an option!

Here at HouseFit our team of personal trainers have helped hundreds of clients lose over 10 000 pounds of fat! We know what it takes to get it results, and simply writing down a new goals on a piece of paper isn’t going to cut it. If you have plans to lose weight in 2019, we have some tips that we’re happy to share.

Staying motivated isn’t easy, but with these realistic, easy to do tips, you can help stay motivated and push yourself like never before. We’ve learned that it’s not enough to just say you want to try and set a couple New Year’s resolutions. By making small changes, by adjusting your attitude, you can begin to help train your mind to facilitate your weight loss!

Our team of personal trainer are proud to share their experience to bring you 5 important tips that will help you lose weight in 2019.

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 1 – Get More Exercise

This sure is a simple one! So simple and straight forward it had to be our first goal.

We all know how important a regular workout routine is, especially when you combine your workouts with a professional trainer at a boutique, fitness centre (hint, hint). One of the first points to bring up is the importance of regular exercise for your fitness goals. Make sure to stay active by working out a several times a week.

While it may seem obvious to just go and get more exercise, we’re here to encourage you to find your own tools of motivations. Perhaps you want to make use of the Activity App on your Apple Watch (or on a similar device) and start counting your steps, or reminding yourself to get up and stretch every 45 minutes (we know how hard it can be). There are lots of similar products that can help you stay motivated, and track your efforts and progress.


2  - Eat Better

Many of us in the health care industry, especially in the fitness industry will tell you that weight loss is mostly dependent on diet. Not only is it the most important factor in your weight loss goals, food is medicine!

Not only do we want you eat less fattening foods, it’s important to eat foods that are high in nutrients. That doesn’t mean overpaying for groceries or only shopping at organic food stores. It means making healthy choices on a regular basis, cutting out the sugars where possible and making sure we eat nutritious meals on a regular basis.


You may be surprised at the effectiveness of eating a Granny Smith apple in the morning instead of your high sugar coffee! You can check out this blog we wrote about the keto diet for other tips on the latest fitness diets.


3 – Positive Changes

Positive changes don’t take much. They can be as simple as cutting out pop and sugar drinks for Monday – Friday, only having 1 drink on Sat and Sunday as a treat. By creating realistic, easy to follow goals, you can get the process going and start making positive changes.

Positive changes applies to those who don’t work out enough, and to those who don’t work out ‘smart’. Some of us don’t think about our overall workout plan, just come to the chill and ‘get a sweat on’. Of course, there is nothing wrong with free styling some workouts. However, by making positive changes, even those who workout regularly can make improvements to their workout routine.

Taking a couple personal training sessions with a experience professional can yield several benefits. You will get a professional assessment of your progress, and more importantly, you will get some professional tips to help you improve your efforts!

Positive changes especially apply to your regular workouts. Perhaps you could eat healthier recovery meals after your workout, or you can try using new equipment or trying new exercises. No matter what you do when you workout, there is always room for some positive improvements!


4 – Be Grateful

Being grateful is especially important at the start of the year. By thinking about your goals for 2019, you can appreciate where you are currently at.

Self awareness is a constant journey, and for many of us, physical fitness and working out can be a very quick reminder of our physical form. If you want a quick reminder, trying doing 20 pushups if you haven’t been working out for a while!

Being grateful also means taking a moment to appreciate the help you are getting on your journey to health. Whether that means thanking a friend who helps motivate you, or thanking your trainer that works tirelessly to improve your health, being grateful is especially important in your weight loss goals.

5 – Enjoy the Process, Enjoy the Little Things

 How can you enjoy the process when the process is mostly working out? You have to find joys in the small things. That can be as simple as setting fitness goals, for example, being able to do 40 squats in a row, or being able to do 5 pull ups without assistance. Setting small, realistic goals is a great way to enjoy the process of losing weight.

 Remember, at the end of the day, weight is very much a process, and a journey that often has setbacks. By trying to enjoy the little things, focusing on the small goals, you can continue to push yourself and pursue your fitness goals.

 Here at HouseFit we wanted to take the time to wish everyone a healthy, happy and successful 2019! We look forward to seeing you and don’t hesitate to contact us anytime for more information!