Below you'll find answers to the questions
we get asked most frequently.

1. What sets Housefit apart from the rest?

“Without nutrition, all training is worthless”

Here at Housefit, we start with a personalized nutrition assessment.  We then design a customized meal plan catered to your busy lifestyle which is realistic and easy to follow. 

“You build your body first in the kitchen, then in the gym”

2. Is this a diet?

No it’s not a diet. (It’s not about starving yourself with juice or detox diets) We hate that word as it brings such negative connotation of starving yourself with the likes of eating two cherry tomatoes and a yam like some other studios are doing.

Housefit designs a customized meal plan which is both healthy and well balanced. The meal plan consists of lean proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats and doesn’t deprive you of essential nutrients.

3. How do you lose weight and fat?

No matter how much exercise you do, you will not lose weight unless you are at a calorie deficit. A caloric deficit means that you must eat fewer calories than you burn.  We count all the calories for you and give you an easy to follow meal plan to start shedding the pounds.

4. Can I lose weight by just exercising more & harder?

Training longer and harder does not mean smarter or faster results. It starts with your eating. The amount of calories consumed must be low enough to achieve a caloric deficit. Exercising more only leads to over-training and burnout with minimal results. Housefit teaches you to train smart by eating smart.

5. How do you gain muscle?

Well of course… it again starts with your eating. Notice that eating is a common theme here?  In order to gain adequate amounts of muscle, you must eat a caloric surplus. The quantity of calories must be higher than what you burn to achieve a caloric surplus. The quality of the calories matters just as much, clean eating means your muscle building diet is high in lean protein, complex carbs and healthy fats.

We combine this high calorie protein diet with a structured free-weight program. We get you to lift progressively heavier weights that challenge your body and give it reason to gain muscle to adapt. All of this is done in a safe and supervised training session with one of our highly qualified personal trainers.

6. How much muscle can I gain?

The average beginner female can gain approximately 3–5 pounds of lean muscle tissue in about 10 weeks of the Muscle Building Phase.

The average beginner male can gain approximately 8–12 pounds of lean muscle tissue in about 10 weeks of the Muscle Building Phase.

7. Why do I need to gain muscle? I don’t want to look masculine or musclebound.

Women ask us this all the time. Gaining muscle will not make a female look like a guy.  Women will not produce bulky muscles. Simply put, they do not produce enough testosterone (male muscle building hormone) to get overly muscular. It is impossible…unless of course you choose to take anabolic steroids like the female bodybuilders in magazines do. Housefit does not recommend or condone this.

Gaining muscle has a multitude of benefits. Every female could use some more muscle. Muscle produces tone, gives you that tight feeling, improves your shape and curves, and improves your functional strength in day to day activities. 

But most importantly, having more muscle helps you maintain your weight loss and keeps you lean. Muscle burns calories at a quicker rate, burning approximately 60-100 calories per pound of muscle. This means that even while you are sleeping, your added muscle is working hard for you behind the scenes burning away those calories so that you stay lean and thin.