Are You REALLY Ready For Summer?

So far it really hasn’t felt like June in Toronto. The average temperature for this time of year is supposed to be over 20 degrees, but unfortunately we haven’t had many days anywhere near that. While it appears as though Mother Nature isn’t ready for summer, the big question is… are you?

 Here at HouseFit, our team of professional trainers are always coming up with ideas and tips to help our clients stay in shape, and we know how important this time of year is. The sun is out, and we should be too!

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Whether that means coming into our boutique fitness centre in North York or working out at home, our professional trainers have all the tips you need to help you surpass your workout goals this summer.

Hopefully you’ve been staying active over the winter months and haven’t fallen into that winter lull where you put your fitness efforts on the back burner.

No matter if you’re just starting to get your spring workout routines going or you’re looking to take your current workout plan up a notch this time of year, we have some great tips to help you get ready for summer!

 1. Start a Regular Workout Routine (Even an Easy One)

 The first step is to make a plan and set a routine. Now this doesn’t have to be hardcore circuit training workout at 6 AM. It could be a simple group workout with friends once a week, or a bi-weekly visit to our boutique fitness studio to train with our of our awesome personal trainers! The point is that it’s important to get into a routine that you can maintain. Whether you want to try axe throwing or a yoga class, starting a routine is the foundation to reaching those fitness goals.

Starting a workout routine with friends or coworkers is an excellent way to stay motivated and make sure you keep coming back to your workout routines. A lot of people prefer the social element of group workouts as well.

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 2 – Check Your Meal Plan

 When it comes down to losing weight, there is no sugar coating the fact we are what we eat. You know summer BBQs are coming and so are the beers and the burgers (especially for anyone who is still on the keto diet), which can make it especially hard to eat healthy. This is especially true on weekends and social functions.

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 It’s hard to say no to backyard burgers with family and friends, especially when they look this good! We also don’t have to remind you about how many calories are hiding in your mixed drinks, but this time of year it’s important to eat healthy as much as possible while still enjoying ourselves. Portion control is key when the food is irresistible.

 3 – Start a Home Workout Routine

 Doing basic workouts at home can be a great way to keep your muscles primed when you’re not doing the big weekly workout. A couple small weights or resistance bands is all the equipment you’ll need. As an alternate to heavier exercises, these lighter exercises can be a great option when you are sore and need to improve mobility and core strength.  

 4 – Get New Entertainment

Working out is a lot easier when you’re entertained, and staring at a clock is the worst thing you can do for your motivation! Whether you prefer working out to music or listening to podcasts, taking the time to get new entertainment options can help keep you going when you’re reaching your limit in a workout. There are lots of great workout mixes on Spotify you can check out as well.

 5 – Stay Positive

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The most important piece of advice we can share is to stay positive! Getting in shape and changing your regular routine can be hard, especially after a long day of work. Staying positive in the early weeks of a workout routine can help you get over the ‘hump’ to making physical exercise a regular part of your lifestyle.

 Nothing worthwhile comes easy, but if you stay positive and work hard, you will be amazed at the results you’ll see!


Your Plan To Lose Weight in 2019

Now that 2019 is officially underway, chances are that losing weight is part of your New Year’s resolutions. Regardless of how hard you tried to fight the holiday weight gain, saying no to second servings of grandma’s favourite dishes just isn’t an option!

Here at HouseFit our team of personal trainers have helped hundreds of clients lose over 10 000 pounds of fat! We know what it takes to get it results, and simply writing down a new goals on a piece of paper isn’t going to cut it. If you have plans to lose weight in 2019, we have some tips that we’re happy to share.

Staying motivated isn’t easy, but with these realistic, easy to do tips, you can help stay motivated and push yourself like never before. We’ve learned that it’s not enough to just say you want to try and set a couple New Year’s resolutions. By making small changes, by adjusting your attitude, you can begin to help train your mind to facilitate your weight loss!

Our team of personal trainer are proud to share their experience to bring you 5 important tips that will help you lose weight in 2019.

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 1 – Get More Exercise

This sure is a simple one! So simple and straight forward it had to be our first goal.

We all know how important a regular workout routine is, especially when you combine your workouts with a professional trainer at a boutique, fitness centre (hint, hint). One of the first points to bring up is the importance of regular exercise for your fitness goals. Make sure to stay active by working out a several times a week.

While it may seem obvious to just go and get more exercise, we’re here to encourage you to find your own tools of motivations. Perhaps you want to make use of the Activity App on your Apple Watch (or on a similar device) and start counting your steps, or reminding yourself to get up and stretch every 45 minutes (we know how hard it can be). There are lots of similar products that can help you stay motivated, and track your efforts and progress.


2  - Eat Better

Many of us in the health care industry, especially in the fitness industry will tell you that weight loss is mostly dependent on diet. Not only is it the most important factor in your weight loss goals, food is medicine!

Not only do we want you eat less fattening foods, it’s important to eat foods that are high in nutrients. That doesn’t mean overpaying for groceries or only shopping at organic food stores. It means making healthy choices on a regular basis, cutting out the sugars where possible and making sure we eat nutritious meals on a regular basis.


You may be surprised at the effectiveness of eating a Granny Smith apple in the morning instead of your high sugar coffee! You can check out this blog we wrote about the keto diet for other tips on the latest fitness diets.


3 – Positive Changes

Positive changes don’t take much. They can be as simple as cutting out pop and sugar drinks for Monday – Friday, only having 1 drink on Sat and Sunday as a treat. By creating realistic, easy to follow goals, you can get the process going and start making positive changes.

Positive changes applies to those who don’t work out enough, and to those who don’t work out ‘smart’. Some of us don’t think about our overall workout plan, just come to the chill and ‘get a sweat on’. Of course, there is nothing wrong with free styling some workouts. However, by making positive changes, even those who workout regularly can make improvements to their workout routine.

Taking a couple personal training sessions with a experience professional can yield several benefits. You will get a professional assessment of your progress, and more importantly, you will get some professional tips to help you improve your efforts!

Positive changes especially apply to your regular workouts. Perhaps you could eat healthier recovery meals after your workout, or you can try using new equipment or trying new exercises. No matter what you do when you workout, there is always room for some positive improvements!


4 – Be Grateful

Being grateful is especially important at the start of the year. By thinking about your goals for 2019, you can appreciate where you are currently at.

Self awareness is a constant journey, and for many of us, physical fitness and working out can be a very quick reminder of our physical form. If you want a quick reminder, trying doing 20 pushups if you haven’t been working out for a while!

Being grateful also means taking a moment to appreciate the help you are getting on your journey to health. Whether that means thanking a friend who helps motivate you, or thanking your trainer that works tirelessly to improve your health, being grateful is especially important in your weight loss goals.

5 – Enjoy the Process, Enjoy the Little Things

 How can you enjoy the process when the process is mostly working out? You have to find joys in the small things. That can be as simple as setting fitness goals, for example, being able to do 40 squats in a row, or being able to do 5 pull ups without assistance. Setting small, realistic goals is a great way to enjoy the process of losing weight.

 Remember, at the end of the day, weight is very much a process, and a journey that often has setbacks. By trying to enjoy the little things, focusing on the small goals, you can continue to push yourself and pursue your fitness goals.

 Here at HouseFit we wanted to take the time to wish everyone a healthy, happy and successful 2019! We look forward to seeing you and don’t hesitate to contact us anytime for more information!

The Keto Diet – Is There Truth Behind The Trend?

Who wouldn’t want to lose weight without working out? All I have to do is avoid carbs right?

If it were only so easy.

As long as advertising has existing, weight loss trends that have come and gone. Lately, the keto diet has gotten a lot of attention. One of the more popular benefits of the keto diet (as with any diet) is the allure that you can lose weight fast, effectively and without a major focus on working out. Best of all, with this diet you get to eat lots of bacon!


But is it something you should consider? Can you really just drop 10 pounds in a month without working out? Is it that easy?

 The simple answer is ‘it depends’. While there are some short term health benefits that can be achieved through the keto diet, we first want to explore what this trend is, the science behind it and the possible benefits the keto diet can offer you.

 Here at HouseFit, we have a team of experienced personal trainers and professional nutritionists who specialize in fitness and health, and we’ve seen lots of trends come and go. We help our clients live healthier, more active lives in a healthy manner, and we highly recommend you consult a professional before making any significant dietary changes. We’re here to answer your questions and make sure you lose weight in a healthy manner!

Science Behind the Headlines - The Keto Diet Breakdown

To say that the keto diet is simply ‘no carb and high fat’ is an oversimplification.

Firstly, you’re allowed to eat carbs on the keto diet, which is one of the more common misconceptions. However, carbs are certainly limited, but needed for fibre. Typically 30g of carbs is the daily recommended limit.

Before we go further, you should understand the basics of the keto diet. The keto diet is focused on the ratio of your ‘marco nutrients’ aka your intake of fats, carbs and proteins. On this diet, you will have to be very proactive with your food quantities and measurements. The ultimate goal is to get most of your daily calories from fats and proteins, not carbs.


What is Ketosis? Why Does it Matter?

The whole goal of the keto diet is to put your body in a metabolic state of ketosis. This occurs when your body draws energy from the ketone bodies in your blood. This is in contrast to glycolysis; the process in which glucose in the blood provides the energy.

Many of us don’t realize how dependent on sugar we are. A big part of the keto diet is getting your body used to drawing it’s energy from alternative sources than sugar. Remember that even complex carbohydrates are still sugars at the end of the day!

Get Familiar With your Keto Calculator – Get Those Macros!

This is not a ‘set it and forget it diet’. On the keto diet, it’s not about what foods to avoid, it’s about the balance of nutrients in your diet. Depending on your sex, weight, age and health, your specific dietary restrictions can change. All of these factors are also compounded by your fitness levels.

 You can check out this Keto Calculator to see what it means to ‘get your macros’ and understand what your meals would look like on the keto diet. 

Keto Diet vs the Paleo Diet

There are similar elements in both diets, so it’s easy to understand why you thought the Keto diet may have sounded familiar when you started reading about it. Both focus on avoiding carbs, increasing your protein and have meat centred menus. Both avoid processed food and high amounts of sugar and most of the food products you see advertised on TV - good bye fast food!

 However, the keto diet is much more ‘involved’ in the sense you are trying to manipulate the macronutrient levels of fat, carbs and protein in a very calculated balance. The paleo diet is much simpler, and focuses on avoiding specific food groups all together.

Losing 10 Pounds in a Month

There are a lot of stories in the media about people easily shedding 10 pounds in a month on the keto diet. Anytime you hear about someone losing 10 or more pounds in a month, there are some important things to keep in mind surrounding the backstory.

 Firstly, you have to have some excess fat to lose! 10  pounds is possible to lose through a low calorie diet. Of course people’s weight can fluctuate, but understand that losing that amount of weight in a short period of time is not necessarily a good strategy for a healthy weight loss plan. This time of year, gaining 10 pounds isn’t so hard to do, and remember you don’t have to wait until the holidays are over to get in shape.

 Chances are, that calorie counting alone could account for the weight loss, or at least a huge portion of it. If someone is regularly eating 3000+ calories a day (especially a diet high in saturated fats), and they reduces their intake to a recommended 2000 calories a day, a significant weight loss could occur. This is especially true if the diet is put in place with a personal trainer.

Is There Such a Thing as the Optimal Diet?

According to this recently published article in the New York Times, there is no such thing as the ‘optimal diet’. The article looked at hundreds of sources of information from hunter gatherers to modern society and ancient civilizations; and found they all exhibited ‘excellent metabolic health while consuming a wide range of diets’.

 In their research, they found that some populations got 80% of their calories from carbohydrates! These people wouldn’t do very well on the keto diet, no matter how hard they tried.

In conclusion, going on a strict calorie counting diet (like the keto diet) can certianly be beneficial. However, there is no way to avoid the simple math that weight loss occurs once you use more energy than you consume!

Don’t Wait Until the Holidays are Over to get in Shape!

Late November may not exactly be your favourite time of year. Conversations based around snow tires can really wear you down as we embrace for winters cold spell. No matter how you feel about winter, you have to appreciate that the holidays are just around the corner!

Regardless of the holiday you celebrate, the end of the calendar year is time for celebration, friends and family! Of course, all of that holiday cheer doesn’t come without repercussions. Perhaps you don’t exactly ‘enjoy’ seeing your 2nd cousins, and we can all relate to the relative that talks too much at family dinners.

image 1.jpg

Between the drinks, the meals and the celebrations, it’s no secret that the holidays, although magical, don’t exactly help our physiques. It’s time for celebrations and indulgences! Many of us look forward to spending time with friends and family, or at the very least, taking some time to ourselves.

Throughout all the excitement and commotion, it’s easy to give in to temptation and simply ‘worry about it later’ when it comes to our diets. That’s what new year resolutions are for right?

Wrong! If you have been watching your weight or better yet, are actively working out as part of a fitness plan, now is an especially important time of the year to maintain your fitness efforts. There are still a few weeks until the holidays start, and while it’s easy to start giving in to temptation, the HouseFit team of personal trainers are here with a reminder that you shouldn’t wait until 2019 to get started on those New Years resolutions.

Start With a Fitness Plan

How many times a week you plan on working out isn’t as important when compared to the numbers of weeks you regularly work out. Follow? There are many benefits to regular physical activity, and you want to work your plan around that concept.

You need to train your body for change, and nothing happens overnight. Crash course diets and juice cleanses are not permanent, or necessarily healthy weight loss solutions. Put a plan in place that will give you a several weeks of regular diet to let the benefits have an effect.

The point is, don’t worry if you can only go 3 or 2 times a week to the gym. Make sure you’re going to go workout on a regular basis for a few weeks, making it a great time to put in some efforts right before the holidays!

Legendary DJ Calvin Harris recently became a part time model one could say, as headlining the top music festivals would be his full time job, modeling for Armani Underwear is a side job he has done recently after developing his own fitness plan. “Since moving to LA, Harris has reportedly been able to focus on healthy eating, and staying fit, thanks to a healthier variety of food options and the odd cheeky pilates workout” Check out his Instagram account to see the evidence of his efforts. It’s proof you can juggle temptation with a healthy lifestyle!

Try Working out with a Personal Trainer

There is a reason why celebrities and professional athletes work out with personal trainers. The main reason is that they need results, and working with a professional personal trainer is the best way to get there.

Our team of experienced personal trainers know how to get results. They are educated and experienced in their field of study – the human body and fitness! We know what you need to do to get results, and how to get there.

image 3.jpg

Whether you want to sign up for a few weeks of workouts or want to commit to a few months, maximizing your time spent working out is detrimental to your success. Here at our North York boutique fitness studio, are personal trainers are ready to help you reach your fitness goals. Come by and meet some of our personal trainers today! Check out this past blog to learn about how our personal trainers can help you.

Professional Grade Equipment at our Boutique Fitness Studio

Our boutique fitness studio is located in the heart of North York at Yonge & Sheppard. It’s easy to come visit us at our boutique fitness studio, with over 1500 Sq/Ft of fitness space!

We’re proud to share that our equipment is professional grade, we don’t mess around at HouseFit! We think it’s important to make sure that we’re providing our clients with all the tools you need to succeed. Plus, it’s important to feel inspired when you work out, and we believe using professional grade equipment helps.

We do everything we can to provide you with a fitness studio where you feel comfortable, inspired and ready to work!

Try To Control Your Intake*

We had to put as asterisks on this one. There is no denying that you should indulge and enjoy yourself during the holidays.

image 2.jpg

The key is portion control. One size serving of meat is small handful, and chances are that when you sit down for that family feast, you’re eating enough for a couple of people. By controlling your portions, you can still enjoy the food and drinks, but in a controlled amount.

One element of the big feast that is easier to control is the amount of sugar drinks. In case you’re not aware, soda and alcohol contain a lot of sugar. There’s a good chance those cookies you love so much from grandma are also pretty high on the sugar count.

Get Started Today!

There’s still plenty of time before the holiday season kicks off, so why not get going on your fitness goals now? You don’t need to wait until the holidays are over to get in shape.

Get in touch with us today! We’re happy to offer a 90 minute fitness assessment to help you get started in the process. Sign up today and get ready to look and feel better than you ever have!


HouseFit – More Than Just Personal Training

Thanks for stopping by the HouseFit Blog! For years we’ve been providing our clients with the instruction, motivation and inspiration to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We take great pride in our services, our facilities, and the care we give our clients at our private fitness studio.

personal trainer 1.jpg

We offer a welcoming, inviting space for everyone! No matter your age, fitness goals or level of experience, we can help you live a healthier, more active life.

Private Fitness Studio

HouseFit is a private fitness studio located in the heart of North York. In case you’re not sure what a private fitness studio is, think of combining all the luxuries of a large, brand name gym with the personal privacy of a home gym.

We’ve all been to a big, brand name gym before, and we know what to expect. While it’s a great option (we always encourage physical activity) many find in difficult to ‘find their grove’ in such an overwhelming environment.

This is especially true for those who are just starting out, or dealing with a new injury. When you’re not sure where to start, a huge room full of intimidating work out equipment isn’t exactly an easy way to get started.

Our boutique fitness centre in North York is designed with personal comfort in mind. Personal comfort that comes with knowing he have high quality equipment and professional trainers that really know their stuff!

Don’t worry, boutique doesn’t mean we’re small! With our 1 500 sq.ft of room, our private fitness studio has enough space to accommodate any workout you have in mind.

Quality Workout Equipment

All of the workout and fitness equipment at HouseFit have been selected from personal trainers who have been working with clients for years. That means the equipment was selected with you in mind, and chosen to help our clients get the most of their workouts.

personal trainer 2.jpg

Quality workout equipment can have a big impact on your efforts. Ergonomic equipment ensures that you don’t wear yourself out and are comfortable while giving it your all! You won’t find any broken equipment at our private fitness studio.

Experienced Personal Trainers

For years now we’ve been helping our clients reach, and surpass their fitness goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, or just live a healthier lifestyle, or personal trainers are here to help.

Our growing team of personal trainers are ready when you are. You can sign up for a FREE 90 minute fitness assessment!

Tone Up for the Holidays

With the holidays, Christmas and New Years around the corner, there has never been a better time to lose some weight, as we all know what’s coming! Heavy meals, stuffing, drinks and hopefully, lots of good times.

For those who are trying to control their weight, the holidays can be tricky. It’s hard to say no to an extra serving of Grandma’s stuffing, and there is never a shortage of desserts, sweets and sugar drinks during these festive times.

The point is, there is a time to indulge, this is it! But if you know you are going to indulge (understandably so) then make sure to put some extra effort into your health routines going into the holiday season.

For many of us, taking a few personal training sessions may the boost you need! Here are five reasons to try working with a personal trainer BEFORE the holidays come

  • 1 – Feel good for the holidays

  • 2 – Counteract the holiday weight gain proactively

  • 3 – Learn some great workouts to add to your regular routine

  • 4 – Look good for family photos

  • 5 – Start the New Year with a health plan already started

 Benefits of Seeing a Personal Trainer

If you have never worked with a personal trainer before, then you may not be aware all of the benefits they offer. First and foremost, it’s important to know that our personal trainers are certified professionals with industry experience.

personal trainer 3.jpg

Having a professional coach has many benefits! One of the most important benefits is results.

Working with a personal trainer delivers results, plain and simple. Having a professional fitness expert like a personal trainer by your side during your workout helps ensure that you not only do your exercises properly, but maximizing your efforts.

That means you’re not wasting time doing exercises that don’t produce results, that work for you! The main point here is the customized workout and personal attention that you’ll receive. No matter what exercise plan you find on the internet, there is no ‘one size fits all’ workout routine, and having an experienced personal trainer by your side can ensure you get results.

We also know how difficult it is to stay the course when working out. Finding inspiration for a week is relatively easy (an essential start!) when compared to turning it up a notch for your third week in a row. Having a trainer can help hold you accountable and stick to your routine.

Nothing comes easy when it comes to fitness goals, and working with a personal trainer at our private gym can only increase your chances.

More Than Just Personal Training

While we pride ourselves in having some of the best personal trainers in Toronto, HouseFit is here to help you live a healthier, more active life. While working out is a big part of that, diet and nutrition are also vital components.

You are what you eat, plain and simple! We can help you adjust your diet to more health conscious, and if losing weight is your goal, we can help there too. Adjusting your diet can be a major contributor to your efforts, and our professional staff can help guide you in the right direction.

Get in shape and feel better about yourself! We’re here to help you get there.


LOST 23LBS IN 23WKS, work in progress

"I can't say enough about HouseFit.  Alex, Tina and the entire personal training staff are knowledgeable, thorough and passionate about what they do. They believe in total body transformations. They will teach you, motivate you & pick you up if you've stumbled. It was good to be held accountable for my actions and nutrition decisions. Having weekly/monthly goals also helped me stay on track. I would definitely recommend HouseFit Toronto to anyone looking to dramatically improve their health and overall lifestyle."

Brianne (Music Industry)


My results: total weight loss - 129 pounds in 15 months.

Benefits - feet problems gone, back problems gone, sleeping better, feeling better confidence wise and I am not scared of mirrors or the scale.

My HouseFit Personal Trainer - Tina- she has been nothing but fantastic. Giving me the kick in the ass when needed but more importantly the pat on the back when needed. Her weight loss workouts are complex enough to make it fun and interesting while still receiving great results. If you put the same amount of effort in as her when making them, you will be guaranteed to get results.

HouseFit is the #1 personal training studio in Toronto!  I highly recommend it!



Tina has been my personal trainer (3 times weekly) , at HouseFit Toronto for the past year. She is responsible for huge changes in my strength and fitness over the last 12 months.  In the beginning, Tina focused on the fundamentals. This created a great foundation for more rigorous/high intensity workouts. 

In terms of results, I lost over 45lbs of fat and gained 10lbs of muscle. It was definitely a difficult process but HouseFit personal trainer Tina helped me get there from beginning to the end.

If you want proven results, visit HouseFit.  Best personal training studio in Toronto!

Andrew Y
Director of Finance