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Mirela 39 years old, started at Housefit Jan, 2016, lost 23 pounds in 5 months and gained 10 pounds of muscle. 

Benefits I have gained :

 More energy, more focus, and I feel stronger and healthier than ever. My body looks toned and I reached a high level of mental and physical stamina.

I worked as a Social Service Worker at St. Joseph’s Health Centre and now finishing up my last year of Psychology Major at University of Toronto.

Initially I joined HouseFit Toronto Personal Training Studio to lose weight which I had failed in doing so on my own on the last few years.  As soon as I met personal trainer Alex I was quite impressed not only at the level of his knowledge on nutrition education, but also the process on how he tailors each individual diet and exercise plan to achieve a goal weight.  The intent of this plan is for clients not just to reach the set goals, but also to maintain and build healthy habits to benefit their future, so you don’t fall back again on struggling with weight issues.  It has not been easy, but in every pound that I have lost, I have had great support from the HouseFit Toronto Personal Training team.

What I can say about my personal trainer Tina is that her strong physique and excellent personality will sell you the first moment you meet her.  She is dedicated and motivating in a way that your sessions with her are fun and something to look forward to as a highlight of your tiring day.   Her knowledgeable skills are impressive and each session with her helps you strive to maximize your physical potential in achieving your desired goal. Under personal trainer Tina’s supervision, I feel empowered and very confident in my body changes and transformation.